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I have been cosplaying since 2006. It wasn't until recently that we (my wife and I) got "serious" about cosplaying. I prefer to make props, although I also do most of the costume making as well.

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fytiou says, ""
For Mistgun / Mystogan from Fairy Tail
Raven_65 says, "OMG IT'S SO FABULOUS! (Sorry, my english is not good,i'm from Quebec and I speak french)well, I will cosplay in Raven for a special evenment at montreal, called <> and I want the gun! It's how much? I'm ready to pay those gun *Q* so this is my e-mail adress: melody_la_pie@outlook.com Thanks you very much!"
For Gilbert Nightray (Raven) from Pandora Hearts
cherryteagirl says, "Awesome helmet!"
For Lucca Ashtear from Chrono Trigger
ShadowHood says, "How much would one of these set me back from you considering I live in the UK? Thanks"
For Green Arrow/Oliver Queen from Arrow
shonenhime says, "It is made from resin casted plastic."
For Green Arrow/Oliver Queen from Arrow