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hey you, the names Max, and i've just recently gotten into cosplay albeit an anime addict forever. i'm a weirdo so if thats your thing message me sometime, i'd love to chat! ^_^

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cherryteagirl says, "looks great! the claws are awesome!"
For Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII
cherryteagirl says, "I really liked the trimming on this! ^^ Very neat!"
For Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho
mrs.edwardcullen says, "sweet!! Yay Mikami!"
For Mikami Teru from Death Note
mrs.edwardcullen says, "Ahhh Max!!! This is Emma (Orihime from SacAnime aka Katie's friend) :3 Dude love the Shin cosplay. :3"
For Shinichi (Shin) Okazaki from NANA
cherryteagirl says, "nice! love the wig too! ^^"
For Shinichi (Shin) Okazaki from NANA