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I've always like making costumes... if it's complicated and/or cute, I'm definately up for the challenge!

Hmm, I always hate writing these bio thingies. I like my anonymity. And pie. Mmm. Pie.

Sadly, I am allergic to epoxy. Boo! So many cool things I could do were I not allergic. I get by though, I've learned to adapt and have lots of alternatives!

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Akarui says, "HOLY CRAP YOU EVEN HAVE HIS PSYPHER!!! You are officially my hero now."
For Cornelius from Odin Sphere
Akarui says, "mmm it's so deliciously evil and cute! XD I love the detail you put into making the tonberry! So wait, holy crap, you walked around on your KNEES in this costume?! Ouch, I'd be so sore from walking around on my knees. Were you at least wearing knee pads"
For Tonberry from Final Fantasy IX
Akarui says, "I'm just going to say this now.. I love you for making this. Pooka Cornelius is so cute and I never thought I'd see the day that it was cosplayed this well!I wish I could see this in person!"
For Cornelius from Odin Sphere
Hoshikaji says, "This is amazing!"
For Cornelius from Odin Sphere
CelestialShadow says, "Awwwww its so cute!"
For Tonberry from Final Fantasy IX