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At conventions, I usually carry a guess my Gender Sign and give Pockey out to people ^-^

Here are the cosplays I want to do:

Bridget- Guilty Gear

Haku- Naruto

Kuja- Final Fantasy IX

Larsa- Final Fantasy XII

Riku- Kingdom hearts 2

Kyo- Dir en grey

Momiji- Fruits Baskets

Hunny- Ouran HS

Elk- .Hack//Infection

Akito- Air Gears

Uruha- Bleach

Hanatarou- Bleach

Luppi- Bleach

Zidane- Final Fantasy IX

Zexion- Kingdom Hearts 2

Deidara- Naruto

Sai- Naruto

Sasori- Naruto

Sasuke- Naruto

Kiba- Naruto

Sakon/ukon- Naruto

Pikachu- Pokemon

Albel- Star Ocean

Ran- Sukisho

Toboe- Wolf's Rain

Natsuo- Loveless

IF I were to crossplay,

Yuffie- Final Fantasy VII

Next Convention Appearance:

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Uglyrevival says, "Pure awesome-ness! ^_^ Are you going to AX this year? My friends would love you! *Warning: they are total fangirls and have never been to Con* Who are you going as this year?"
For Kadaj from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Uglyrevival says, "Aww. ^0^"
For Ritsuka Aoyagi from Loveless