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I am Don i have been cosplaying for about 6+ years. I love meeting new people and making challenging and fun costumes.

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atemu_and_anzu says, "cool ^^ very good cosplay ^^ 10 ^^ yup that does look like u used ur own hair and alot of hair gel"
For Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto
ChaosFinale says, "Now that looks really sharp."
For Nero from Devil May Cry 4
Dracomancer says, "Dude I LOVE your Nero. You're the hottest Nero I've seen so far xD If you're going to Fanime this year PLEASE go to the DMC gathering. http://www.acparadise.com/ace/display.php?c=18057p01 I'll be going as Dante from dmc 4"
For Nero from Devil May Cry 4
Chibi_Misao1 says, "Pfffht that's not your hair! It's totally a wig :B Yay I met you while you were wearing this. Woo~~ XD"
For Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto
SeekingElegance says, "Beautiful costume! I love the contrast between the bright red and the classic black, also the red on your hair. ^^ Awesome job."
For Doumeki Shizuka from xxxHoLic