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A 29 year old male cosplayer that loves cosplay and photography.

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Colombian_Otaku says, "Loving this one, man. Great job!"
For Leon Kuwata from Dangan Ronpa
Miyazawa_Lulu says, "*fangirls* You look perfect as Tony! I'm also glad to see more Terra e... fans out there ^^"
For Tony Asuka from Toward the Terra
zippyelly says, "I love this picture! :D You and your Kanba are awesome. :D"
For Shouma Takakura from Mawaru Penguindrum
DapperYoungMiss says, "I really like this shot ;A;"
For Ryota Kise from Kuroko's Basketball
jackoftrades says, "Ahhhhhhhh awesome, I loved this movie! Great job!"
For Taran from Black Cauldron, The