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I was already making creature costumes (since the late-90's) when I came across Dark Stalkers and Pokemon. While I didn't play the games much, I liked the character designs so much that I eventually made John Talbain (ver.1) and an Arcanine costume. The anime designs were so different and dynamic that I found it very easy to find a number of creatures I wanted to re-create!

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Kanemochi Kanetarou says, "Dark Gallon:Right... Your doing is good. I'm pleased too. Here's a Paradise in my life."
For Jon Talbain / Gallon from Darkstalkers
cherryteagirl says, "Amazing work! You really got the expression down! :O"
For Cornell from Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness
Yucari says, "THIS WAS SO COOOOOL. Holy shit, I love Yellow Submarine, that whole thing with your group was amazing."
For Blue Meanie from Yellow Submarine
Zoroko says, "woooow holy crap!! c:"
For Blue Meanie from Yellow Submarine
Miri says, "I have no words. This is beautiful!"
For Blue Meanie from Yellow Submarine