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Well first off, the name is Dre. I've been in he cosplay game for the past 3.5 years, and have 4 costumes under my belt.

My most well-known costume is Yun from Street Fighter III, which I've worn to several cons throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. I've gained quite a bit of recognition for that costume, and it to this day remains my favorite.

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Shii Arisugawa says, "Awesome! :D"
For Yun from Street Fighter III
Rivvil_Cosplay says, "Dun care if you bought the cloths for this cosplay, they are still really good! ^^ I take my hat off for you, deary!"
For Walter Dornez from Hellsing
CrZyAnImEcHiCk says, "were did u get the costume?"
For Yun from Street Fighter III
Lezard Valeth says, "Good Yun costume."
For Yun from Street Fighter III