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Nando says, "Thank you! "
For Balmung from .hack//SIGN
Colombian_Otaku says, "Finally! Someone did this version of Guts! Major kudos to you, man."
For Guts from Berserk
Miyazawa_Lulu says, "You're such an awesome Balmung, congrats on the hard work, it looks fabulous!"
For Balmung from .hack//SIGN
mjbattle says, "You did a really good job here! The costume fits you nicely and has a snug fit just like the concept art. May I ask what material did you use? This could have felt a bit more dynamic if you filled the shoulder armor with 1' inch high density foam."
For HUmar from Phantasy Star Online
Mirai Noah says, "Looks great!!"
For Roger Smith from Big O