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The following events have been linked to this convention.

Event Name Location
Panty & Stocking @ Anime Expo 2012

FUNimation will be premiering Panty and Stocking over Anime Expo Weekend. And it will be one MA-18 WILD PARTAAAAY. First off, is the panel, SUNDAY 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM, where we will be screening the English uncensored episodes of Panty and Stocking, followed by Q&A with the ...(More Details)

This will take place at the FUNimation booth. There will be an ongoing booth activity, as well as special panels and autograph sessions. More schedule details will be given closer to the convention date.

Madoka Magica @ Anime Expo 2012

For Madoka Magica, the English Voice Acting cast will be present to discuss all things Magical!
We'll also be giving out LIMITED RUN KYUBEY MASKS for you to troll all your friends. We'll have a limited stock each day so if one day runs out, try again the next day.

June 30
More Details)

This will take place at the Aniplex booth. There will also be a panel and autograph session, as well as a gathering - more details to be given as we get closer to the convention date.

Fate Zero @ Anime Expo 2012

American Cosplay Paradise and Aniplex USA will bring down the house with events events events! Most of the activities noted will be at the Aniplex Booth #901 at Anime Expo! (unless otherwise noted)

For Fate Zero, we will be joined by guests Director Ei Aoki, ...(More Details)

This will take place at the Aniplex booth. Most likely there will be panels and autograph session as well - more details will be given as we get closer to the convention date.

Blue Exorcist @ Anime Expo 2012

BLUE EXORCIST at Anime Expo 2012
For Blue Exorcist, the Japanese voice Actor Nobuhiko Okamoto, the voice of Rin will be having a panel and signing autographs. We'll be holding a special Blue Exorcist cosplay gathering and the True Cross
Order will be screening for new recruits! So get ...(More Details)

This will take place at the Aniplex booth and possibly at a panel room.

Saints Row to YOU @ Anime Expo 2012

Wasn't at Fanime 2012 and missed out on representing the Saints?

Previous Event : http://www.acparadise.com/acp/events.php?eid=126

Well we just received orders from the Boss that he will make his appearance along with Shaundi at Anime Expo Thursday. They will be ...(More Details)

Starts after 2:00PM Thursday @ Anime Expo 2012.