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Next Convention Appearance: ColossalCon (Cleveland) 2015

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JadeKat says, "This is so cute! I like the pins in the skirt as a detail."
For Pin Cushion from Sakizou Artworks
lunaladyoflight says, "This is ridiculously cute!"
For Pin Cushion from Sakizou Artworks
shegathersrain says, "Amazing and gorgeous, as always!"
For Magdalena from Witchblade
sidero says, "you make a seriously amazing Black Widow."
For Black Widow from Marvel Comics
AuroraMarija says, "Well, you already know from my creepy staring at all the details on your dress, and all my questions and praise for it that you looked soooo amazing and I just have an undying love for your stunning dress. But I'm going to say it again, you looked gorgeous this dress is amazing. So glad I saw this in person."
For Frau from Sakizou Artworks