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I've been cosplaying for a few years now! I adore the craftsmanship required and hope to expand my talents! Xoxo!

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harajukusynn says, "I love what you've done with Blair's design. I like this one more than the original! It's very lovely and has amazing details. "
For Blair from Soul Eater
yunie-chan says, "Awesome work!"
For Scarlet Witch from Avengers, The
Ammie says, "Yeeeessss!!!! You look fantastic!!! Not nearly enough Tekken cosplays are out there. Beautiful costume! The wig looks spot on!"
For Alisa Bosconovich from Tekken Tag Tournament 2
LuckyGrim says, "This turned out great and your fabric is gorgeous. I've loved this design ever since the figure came out and you look just like the character. "
For Catwoman from Batman
RinoaRaine says, "This outfit is amazing! You are a lovely Venus!"
For Eternal Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars