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Events > Madoka Magica @ Anime Expo 2011
About This Event

Description: Walpurgis Night is coming to AX! Oh wait, the gathering\'s in the day? Then perhaps a little Morning Rescue will do the trick! Come all magical girls to our Madoka Magica gathering at the Aniplex Booth!
We here at ACParadise are big fans of the Madoka Magica series. We\'ll be holding a cosplay gathering at the Aniplex booth to show our support for Madoka!

Anime Expo 2011
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This event has already ended.
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Madoka Magica

Location: The gathering will take place on Saturday, starting at 10:30 AM, and going on until they kick us out, most likely 12:00 PM.

Volunteer Info: Even though we\'re screening volunteers, it\'s mostly so we can keep track of who\'s going to show up. If you have a costume from Madoka and apply, you\'ll be automatically accepted.