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Events > Arcana Heart vs ACParadise @ Fanime 2011
About This Event

Description: Arcana Heart - 24 girls, one fighting game.

ACParadise - Hundreds of cosplayers, one website.

Combine these two for the ultimate face-off! Celebrating the release of Arcana Heart 3 on the home consoles in Japan, ACParadise is organizing a gathering for a series that some would say plays to its strengths quite nicely. Just how many characters can we fill? Let\'s find out!

(Complete Character List at http://www.arcsystemworks.jp/ah3/character.html)

Current Roster as of 4/27/11
Tsuzura Saki
Nazuna Inuwaka
Aino Heart
Inuwaka Akane
Tokinomiya Kamui
Daidouji Kira
Dorothy Albright

FanimeCon 2011
Event Date
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This event has already ended.
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Associated Series
Arcana Heart

Location: Time : 11:00 AM
Location : Downstairs of the Convention Center near the Windows to the Right Side.

Volunteer Info: If you\'re confirmed as a volunteer, you\'ll receive a special pin for your character that\'s only available in the limited edition versions of the game, as well as an upgrade to Celestial membership for you or someone else! (Pins/Memberships are only available to the first person who signs up for a particular character and successfully participates in the gathering)

Don\'t forget to input your character into your costume profile as pending! Then you can select that to volunteer.

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