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Wigs > MetroFem Organics > Sunflower
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  1. Raven (1)
(1 costumes use this wig)
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  1. Rating 4 / 5.00

    Reviewed by fayefaye013

    To start the wig fibers are something from the next planet. So they call their fibers Organics and they are fully curl-able in high and low heat. Although I haven't tried to style one these yet. While completely unimpressive looking and not super silky smooth (compared to the typical cosplay wig) the fibers are top quality. Tangles in a medium to long wig are no worry. The lack of sheen to the fiber gives a completely natural look and feel. Feels like real hair. The lace in the lace front is stiff and brittle. But handled with care will not tear. The major issue with this wig is the wig cap size. It is listed as pettie. I had to cut my hair really sort to get it under the wig and even then it was still too small. I may mention I have a very very small head. Overall I love this company and their wigs for the qaulity you will not find a cheaper lace front wig. Shipping is within the States and is extremely fast (and free!).