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Wigs > Gothic Lolita Wigs > Wavy Tea Rose Lolita
Wig Information
Most Common Characters using this Wig
  1. Kuranosuke Koibuchi (1)
  2. Pacific Media Expo (PMX) Mascot (1)
(2 costumes use this wig)
Wig Name
Wavy Tea Rose Lolita
Fiber Type
Wig Length
Wig Style
Recent Costumes using this Wig
Recent Reviews
  1. Rating 5 / 5.00

    Reviewed by supersakikinomoto

    This wig is so beautiful! So much fun to wear, and very easy to untangle! I'll definitely consider future purchases with GothicLolitaWigs.

  2. Rating 5 / 5.00

    Reviewed by shiroi_yukiko

    I really loved this wig, even before I took it apart. It was nice and thick and it doesn't get super tangled easily.