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About American Cosplay Paradise
American Cosplay Paradise was started in 2000 as an American-based alternative to the popular cosplay galleries in Japan. People can create profiles and submit photos of costumes they've made or worn. Each costume is then sorted by series and character to make it easier for other users to search. Our goal: To make it as easy as possible to find costumes from your favorite anime, manga, game, and pop culture titles.

Some of our main features include:
Costume Database
All of our costumes have to be identified by series and character. Users can add other optional information such as conventions, construction details, or their own personal thoughts on the costume. Other users can then browse the cosplayer's page, or a general series or character page.

Cosplayer Events
Thanks to our large userbase, we are able to easily organize promotional events at conventions using the unique appeal of cosplayers. We also serve as a liason between the cosplay community and companies interested in promotional opportunities for their existing IP. Our clients include FUNimation Entertainment, Bandai Entertainment, NIS America, Sega, and more. If you are a company interested in new ways of promoting your titles, please feel free to contact Genjitsu for more details or questions.

Convention Coverage
We offer photo and video coverage of most of the major anime conventions in the US. We upload the photos onto our site live while the convention is taking place. Users visiting are able to "tag" which series the photos belong to, so others are able to find their favorite photos easier. We also film the costume contests and any other cosplay-related events, and provide the footage on our site in a matter of hours. We have the largest collection of cosplay related videos on the Web, and provide them for free via our Youtube Channel.
About the Owners
The owners of ACP not only run the site, but use it as cosplayers themselves, giving the site's motto: "A Site for Cosplayers, by Cosplayers". With over 10 years of involvement with the cosplay community, everything in this site is built with the interests of both cosplayers and fans of cosplay in mind.

Wayne (Public Relations, New Media Director)
Wayne serves as the face of the site for the cosplay community, staying in tune with their current interests and trends. He is in charge of keeping the site relevant through social networking and participation in convention events. He is also the leader of the cosplay group Anything Goes School of Masquerade Arts, and manager of the musical troupe USA Musume.

Henry aka Genjitsu (Webmaster, Industry Liaison)
If Wayne is the handsome pilot, then Genjitsu is the giant robot that gets stuff done while blowing things up - all the features on the site are developed by him. Genjitsu currently serves as an IT consultant for small businesses when he is not travelling to the different conventions across the US to provide photo and video coverage for the site. For anime, Genjitsu tends to lean towards series with the important M's: Mecha, Moe, or Melons. Other quirks include a weakness for curry and an unhealthy love of electronic gadgets.