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Description: Tekken: Blood Vengance, the 3D CG movie based off the hit fighting game, is being shown in the US for the first time on July 26th.

Anime Expo 2011 Event:
Sunday, July 3, 2:00 PM ? 4:00 PM
Monday, July 4, 1:00 PM ? 3:00 PM
Tekken: Blood Vengeance will have its worldwide debut on July 26th, and ACParadise is helping Bandai Entertainment with an autograph session and cosplay gathering! Stop by and say hi to some of the lovely ladies from the popular fighting game franchise.

Location: (Updated 6/14/11) There are two parts to this event. The first part will be at Anime Expo at the Bandai booth, July 3 - 4. The second part will be at the actual movie premiere at the LA Live theater on July 26, 2011.

Volunteer Info: For AX, 2 - 3 cosplayers from the Tekken series will be needed at the Bandai booth for 3 hours on Sunday and Monday. Badges will be provided for participants! For the movie premiere, 2 - 3 cosplayers will be needed to pose for pictures and entertain attendees, as well as stick around for some possible after-movie activities. In exchange they'll get up close and personal with some as-of-yet unnanounced Japanese guests related to the movie, and VIP seating. If you are coming from out of town, we can provide hotel rooming that night!

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