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Getsumen To Heiki Mina

Description: We here at ACParadise are always a sucker for cute character designs. Getsumen To Heiki Mina is a 2006 anime series that features girls modeled after various vegetables and fruits. Sounds like a great formula for cute costumes!

A complete list of characters with pictures can be seen at:


Cast List (Going from Left to Right):

1. Cherry
2. Black Radish
3. Renkon - stardust462
4. Blueberry - shell, pinkiblu
5. Carrot - Animeangel
6. Cauliflower
7. Tomato - Silly Chen
8. Corn - Kit Foxfire
9. Space Potato - Shellypants
10. Red Cabbage
11. Leek - Mostflogged
12. Chinese Cabbage - Danielle

Location: Friday 5:00 PM, meeting at indoor fountains and moving elsewhere afterwards.

Volunteer Info: This is just a simple gathering, so if you can commit to the character, we can guarantee lots of pictures! (You'll also probably make lots of vegetarians happy)

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