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This event is finished, no volunteers needed.
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Pandora Hearts

Description: ACParadise and NIS America will be promoting several titles at this convention, and we're looking for some trustworthy, reliable cosplayers to help out!
We are looking for cosplayers from the following series in rank order. Feel free to apply even if you have a lower rank series since the priorities may change as the convention gets closer.
2. Toradora!!
3. Pandora Hearts
4. Our Home's Fox Diety
5. Persona Trinity Soul
Be sure to link your costume in your ACParadise profile so it can be reviewed.
We'll contact you via E-mail if you are selected. Good luck!

Location: Exhibition Hall

Volunteer Info: Booth time: Variable. Date/Time: TBD
Depending on the time you put in, you will get swag courtesy of NIS America, possibly a badge, and the honor of being the official cosplay representative for NIS America at the con.
You will need your own badge for this event due to the short time commitment.

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