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    Volunteer Niho (lithele) referred me to this application. I started cosplaying Velvet at Katsucon this year because I knew she'd mean a lot to me, and now that I've played through the Japanese release, I know that's true! Of personal note, it's clear Velvet experiences symptoms of PTSD from the events that happen to her in the game, and as someone who has also experienced PTSD from something that happened to me, I feel like I understand her on a fairly deep level. It's my personal mission to cosplay a lot of Tales female characters who "deserved better" and to me, Velvet is at the top of that list. It would truly be an honor to represent ACP wearing a character who's so close to my heart. I also have over 8 years of experience teaching ballroom dance, both in an external atmosphere and with anime/gaming fans at conventions. I'm extroverted and love to talk to people, especially Tales fans! Trimeriad Cosplay (Niho, Tomoyo Ichijouji, and I) regularly set up meetups and activities for Tales fans in the midwest. I'd be very excited to represent a favorite series of mine while I work for you!

    Volunteer I have done cosplay boothing before and I work hard :)