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Anime Expo
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This event is finished, no volunteers needed.
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Little Witch Academia

Description: This all kicks off on July 5th!
Friday, 2:00 PM = Little Witch Academia Cosplayer gathering @ Entertainment Hall (West Hall A) with special guest, Head of Studio Trigger, Masahiko Otsuka!
Friday, 4:00 PM = Studio Trigger Panel

Saturday, 2:00 PM = Little Witch Academia Fan Event, JW Marriott

Location: In conjunction with Studio Trigger (Masahiko Otsuka) and the voice actress for Akko, Megumi Han being guest at Anime Expo, ACParadise is holding a Little Witch Academia event!

Volunteer Info: Volunteers need to be actively working on their Little Witch Academia cosplay with intention to finish by July 4th. Progress Photos must be uploaded to ACParadise for review.

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