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Don't be shy about signing up, there will at minimum be an official Attack on Titan gathering that all of you will be expected to participate.

We're seeing how much interest there would be in an Attack on Titan-themed promotion courtesy of FUNimation.com. AX has announced the Producer for Attack on Titan to be a Guest of Honor, therefore, this event has officially leveled up (we expect that all applicants will have complete updated profiles), since the lucky selected cosplayers will be protecting the Guest of Honor from Titans.

We are looking for up to 6 cosplayers from Attack on Titan, specifically from the Survey Corps. Badges are available to those willing to work 4 - 5 hours each day of the convention. You must have photos of your cosplay uploaded by June 26, 2013 for approval. If you can use matching patches/fabrics, please coordinate.

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