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This event is finished, no volunteers needed.
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Saints Row: The Third

Description: Are you proud to be a Saint? Did you want to take part in a Complete Takeover for Fanime? This is the event for you! Grab your purple, have your Saints pride and join the rest of the Saints Row gang in a complete takeover of the San Jose Convention Center.

Who's going to stop us? S.T.A.G.? Syndicate? Bring it ON! WE OWN THIS PLACE!

Details : This will be a cosplay gathering for photos and there will also be a short footage we plan to shoot where we walk from building to outside as a complete takeover of Fanime Con before it starts. If anyone is camera shy, you don't have to participate this portion. We encourage all to just have fun because this is for the love and fun of the series itself. We aren't really going to do anything offensive and it's just like any other gathering but with some style.

(We welcome cosplays of the Syndicate which consists Morning Star, Deckers, Luchadores, and any of the previous groups/forces from the previous Saints Row.)

For any additional information of the game you can take a look at http://www.saintsrow.com/
or Google will be your best friend for references.

Location: Location : Meeting inside the convention center downstairs where the doors lead to the outside.
Time : 1:00PM - 3:00PM
When You Arrive be sure to Check in with Shaundi (Imari Yumiki)

Volunteer Info: Anyone can sign up as long as you are dressing to represent any side. If you are interested in photographing the event please to sign up as well! In your comments, please do let us know who are you representing and if there are any possible issues with attending.

If you have any questions or concern you can contact imariyumiki@acparadise.com

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