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Cosplayer Momo Karinyo > Costume of Sheryl Nome (Macross Frontier)

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Macross Frontier
Sheryl Nome
Special Variation:
"Marketing" Dress
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
This was a relatively simple cosplay to assemble, and is also simple in concept, sooo I added a few fun details to spice it up a bit! I'll start with the main pieces first though.

The bra was something I had on hand, and I patterned and sewed the red low cut dress. To keep the red straps in place on top of the bra straps, I sewed little horizontal straps with red bra hooks that I harvested from a deconstructed bra foreverrrr ago. Sometimes it pays to be a pack rat haha. They fasten to the bra strap, which also prevents the straps from sliding off my shoulders entirely, haha. I'm actually quite amazed how well it stays in place. I can even play with the height of the front and the back top by moving it up or down the bra straps. Nifty!

It's silly, but I actually really like my belt strap haha. Literally all it is is one piece of woven ribbon with gold thread throughout to make it a little more eyecatching. To get the ribbon to wrap around me twice, but have only one end dangling down, I sewed a loop on one end of the ribbon for the hanging end to loop through. On the hanging end, I also put 5 gold gems that increase in size as you go down. I really didn't want this piece to look like an afterthought, so I put a lot of intention in how it would look!

Same for the feather necklace. i had painted the ends purple, but it just wasn't "popping" against the red dress. So I decided to hand glue chunky glitter in two different colors to make a flashier design, and now it definitely commands more attention when it gets a little flash of sparkles when I move. The brown cord is just one long string which ties in the front. I used Loctite Gel Control glue to affix the feather to the end of the cord, and also wrapped it in heat shrink tube for good measure. The tubing also gave the aqua color beads just the right amount of tension so sit comfortably above the feather without sliding around.

As for the arm bands, I unfortunately didn't really have the right stretch suede color that I had hoped for, but since I loved how the belt looked, I decided not to fuss about dyeing it darker, since it matched the belt anyways. The woven string is actually brown cord glued down in an X shape with Loctite glue. When I did a version where I actually sewed through the armbands, they came out very lumpy, and unhappy looking, hahaha. Gluing them on gives me an effortlessly perfect look, every time!

While all of the above items were done with more attention to detail, some of the others were just items of convenience, since I couldn't find anything remotely similar to what I was envisioning (and trust me, I looked several places haha). The silver bracelet is one I got from Kohl's forever ago, and the aqua bead bracelet I also made a while back, I forget for what. I think just because I liked the beads, that was it, haha.

The boots I purchased online and got a great deal because they were marked as damaged. So though they don't match my armband and belt like I had hoped, I can't really be too picky for the nice price of $12 new haha! And the "damages" are so small you can't even see it really.

Lastly, the wig was sponsored by Amzcos Wigs, and it styled beautifully. I took inspiration from her hair style in Sayonara no Tsubasa, where she's wearing the red bubble dress. I love that little "flip" that her longer hair does over the side of her bangs, so attempted to incorporate that into this one. Also added a little more volume to the bangs.

If you're wondering about the earring, uh, I'll get back to you on that. This earring has plagued me for well over a decade at this point, haha! So hard to find the right parts for, but I think I'm close. ^_^
Personal Thoughts:
Sheryl Nome is always just FULL of amazing fashion, and even her most obscure outfits are total showstoppers. I had all the materials on hand to make this, so figured, why the heck not! ;P
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