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Cosplayer kris lee > Costume of Sayaka Miki (Madoka Magica)

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Madoka Magica
Sayaka Miki
Special Variation:
Magical Girl
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
i pretty much made the majority of this costume from scrap fabric i had laying around.

the cape is made out of a table cloth i think. i actually kind of like the flower pattern on it even tho it's not accurate. i reinforced the collar with craft foam. the gold is some sort of metallic spandex i had left over from a supergirl costume that i used for bias tape. the rest of the design was painted on. the cape collar is closed with a really big hook and eye.

the gloves are made of thick white spandex. i pretty much always make a hand traced glove. the blue strip is sewn in and the cuff is reinforced with craft foam to keep the shape. more left over gold spandex for bias tape. the blue sleeves are made of stretch vinyl. just a really basic sleeve with a little cuff at the top so there aren't any raw edges. the arm band on my upper arm is also stretch vinyl with elastic inside to keep the shape.

my boyfriend formed the breastplate for me. its made out of craft foam and worbla. i painted it using acrylic paints. i bought the ruffle trim and just hot glued it on to the breast plate. the little white shirt is made in two layers. the top layer has the gold trim and the bottom layer has the ruffles. they're sew together at the top and it velcros to the breast plate. the shirts were made with more scrap fabric and i think i had the gold buttons from another project lol.

i made the pleated skirt from some fabric i had laying around. no idea what kind of fabric it is but it was pretty thin so i had to reinforce it. i made the whole pleated skirt then cut it at the angle i wanted the finished the bottom edge with white bias tape. i sewed on the lighter blue flaps after it was finished also. the skirt zips in the back and also has some elastic in the waist band. the belt was cut from the boots.

the socks are made from white stretch pleather. the blue cuff at the top and the little strap around the thigh are made of the same blue vinyl as the arms and are sewn in. i bought the boots on ebay. they were black and i painted them with acrylic gold paint and angelus leather paint. they just happened to be pretty much the perfect shape for this costume. i cut off a strappy belt thing from the boots and used them for the belt around my waist.

i made the hair accessory and the stomach thing out of worbla. not sure if the stomach thing is visible in any of the pictures. i attached the hair accessory to clips so i didn't have to permanently affix it to my wig. the stomach thing stays on with spirit gum. both were painted with gold with acrylic paint and i used nail polish for the blue part of the stomach thing.

the swords are made of wood. i drew a pattern and traced it onto a piece of wood i got at home depot. my dad cut them out for me. a bunch of sanding and painting later and i had a pair of swords.
Personal Thoughts:
sayaka unfortunately isn't my favorite madoka character but i made this costume to do in a group but the group never happened. at least her outfit is really cute. i made this costume to wear at katsucon but didn't end up wearing it until recently for a private photoshoot.
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