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Cosplayer Ammie > Costume of Alice (Alice: Madness Returns)

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Alice: Madness Returns
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Dress & Pinafore:
The dress was made from a similar drafted pattern from the first dress. The major difference with this dress is the pinafore is sewn right into the dress. The dress is made of blue twill and white polyester (this entire dress was made of leftover fabric I had in my bin already.) The upper front part is part of the dress. I made the front panel of the dress white and the sides blue to create the illusion the pinafore was a perfect fit to the bodice. The back panel is sewn into the shoulders and flaps down over the back to cover the zipper in the back part of the dress. The back panel snaps down into place on the waistband.
The skirt is an A line cut so it fits perfectly into the waist and has no puckering. The apron is lined and is an A shape.
The bottom of the dress has a ruffle trim sewn in place.
I also took a larger sewing needle and hand stitched all the wider stitch décor around the edges of the pinafore and the bottom of the dress. I used a ¼ wide ribbon in blue for the dress bottom and white for the pinafore. It creates a dolly dress look.

The boots are a pair of basic black knee high boots. I created black vinyl spats to wear over them. This is how I made the buckle strap look and created the same seam lines she has on her boots as well. The spats just buckle in place in the front.

Petticoat, Tights, Necklace & Knife:
The petticoat is the same one I used for my first Alice costume. I made this using satin and tulle. It’s a knee length petticoat that creates enough volume to fluff the skirt out to a bell shape.
The tights were bought around Halloween time. They are just basic black and white striped tights.
The Horseshoe necklace is made of sculpy clay and painted with silver leafing paint. I added a chain to it. The horseshoe is quite a bit larger than the first game version.
The knife was a costume store butcher knife. I painted all the designs on using silver leafing paint. I found some decorated scrap book paper with a similar design to Alice’s knife handle. I covered the handle with the paper and added gold reflective cardboard paper for the accents.

I can’t say for certain what brand wig this is. I bought it off a fellow cosplayer at the Nominoichi garage sale at Anime North. It’s a really dark brown wig (almost black) with some brown highlights in it.
The wig was initially too short so I added more wefts in throughout the wig to create more volume and length. The wefts I used were kanakelon and in color code 2.
I parted the bangs in the center and hair sprayed them in place.
The wig has the right look and sharp cut edges at the bottom as the game render of Alice.

I usually don’t do a section for makeup but I wanted to point out a few things about this one. I used Urban Decay 3 (rose pallet) for the eyes. I used colors Limit, Nooner, and Darkside for the eyes. I vaguely followed Youtuber MadeYewLook by Lex tutorial on the eyes. She did Hysteria Alice and I used the eye routine she did. I put some black eyeliner on around my eyes. I added white eyeliner on my lower waterline; that’s how I created the wide eyes appearance. My eyes are naturally green so I just went with that rather than contacts.
I used a base foundation (not much though!) and blended it out with a beauty blender sponge. I added some grey eyeshadow to the hollows of my cheeks and smeared it out with a blush brush. This helped contour the face a bit more and gave it a defined cheekbone look.
The lips I lined with a red/burgundy lip liner and filled in my lips with a natural pink lip gloss.
Personal Thoughts:
I have already made the costume from the first game. When I played Madness Returns I had noticed some noticeable changes to Alice’s dress. The basic shape of the dress was the same but I had noticed the symbols on her pockets changed as well as some added details, such as the wide ribbon stitching around the edges.
I had it planned to make the Madness Returns version since it was more of an updated version of her dress. Since I was an avid fan of the first game and the first dress was my major inspiration to start sewing, I knew I wanted to tackle this one even if it was below my skill level.
Wig Details
Wig Brand
Wig Name
Medium Straight w/ Bangs
Original Color:
Black with Dark Brown Highlights
Wig Quality Rating
4 / 5.00
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