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Cosplayer Felicia Dark > Costume of Ringo Akai (Okamisan)

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Ringo Akai
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Cape: Made from some heavy left over knit cotton i've had in my fabric bin for years. I believe it was previously used to make a Kilik (SC) mantel(?) Back in 2007. Two tiers in different sizes lined and sewed together. I understitched both of the layers and added a heavy thread for detail. Held together with a hook and eye.

Bow: Made from left over spandex I had when making my friends Cranberry from No More Heroes. Interfaced on all sides and acrylic painted the little details on one of the bow tails. Attacked to the cape via snaps.

Blouse: Found at a goodwill and modified the sleeves, collar, and hidden panel. I lucked out with finding the blouse with the hidden button panel. Added super cheap lace to it all that I got at Colorado Fabrics for $0.79/c a yard.

Dress: The fabric I found online and lucked out with color accuracy. Mostly a cotton blend maroon. Top of the skirt was a modified "Swedish Barmaid" pattern I gotten from Joann's on their 5 for $5 sale. I had to heavily modify it to have the lower scoop that goes right under my chest. The top is all lined with a very long invisible zipper that goes to the middle of the skirt. Skirt is 3 panels of a modified A line skirt and fits my under bust measurements without any puckering or gathering. I sewed 1.5" horsehair to the bottom and flipped it over and stitched. I did not have the money to afford a lining to the skirt and no extra maroon fabric to make it look nice, so I covered the stitching with the rest of the satin ribbon I had from my Sailor Venus cosplay from close to 2 years ago. I surged all the edges as well so there wouldn't be any fraying.

Underskirt: Made from I believe extra scuba fabric I had laying around from original I had intended to do but was unable due to the time and money. Two circle skirts and then 2 layers of gathered ruffles with a zipper on the sides.

Petti: I actually have had the petti since my BB Hood cosplay and was greatly thankful. It really helps with fluffing out the costume as Ringo has a very unique dress design.

Shoes and Socks: Socks I bought at Target. 3 for $5. Shoes I actually bought online via Target (no in store) and they are actually children's shoes. I had to get a size 12 in kids (size 8) and I was just so happy on how close it was. Originally black, I painted them multiple layers of fabric medium and acrylic. The shoe band has fabric on the end tip so WELCOME BACK CHILDHOOD!

Wig: I love and hate Ringo because of this wig issue. I had bought 3 wigs to get this color correct. First time I checked with an ebay seller and sent them a sample color to verify it was correct before spending money. They said yes, it came back Ariel red. Second time I ordered from a Taobao site and after purchasing they didn't respond to emails for almost 3 months. Finally, I jumped on an order with Lucaille and NAILED IT 100%! I ended up getting a Kagura wig from Gintama and I am just so happy that I found it. I received the Taobao order as well so now I have two of the same wig. Probably the biggest and most annoying part about this costume. Would have had it all done months before if the wigs ever came in and were right.

All in all it was a great learning experience and I am so very proud of how well it came out even if hardly anyone knows who I was.

I can't wait to get pictures with my Ookami-san and fellow companions in the future ^^
Personal Thoughts:
Costume made half by scratch and half from a heavily modified pattern. I actually did not have ANY money to afford making this so I thrifted the heck out of what I could in the mean time. My significant other lost his job so it was my responsibility to make sure we were staying afloat. I also had no time for screw ups. Luckily, all the fabric was in my house and I didn't have to pay too much to get the rest of the items I needed. At best it was a $50 purchase for everything besides the wig problems with makes me cry inside for how much I had spent to get just one.
hread for detail. Held together with a hook and eye.

I am so thankful and happy how well this turned out. I struggled trying to figure it out and I am thrilled over all the advice I received to make this. Super comfy outfit and lovely to wear. I am just honored I was even invited to the Ookami group in the first place. Can't wait to see my friends again and take pictures.
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