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Cosplayer cheerykokiri > Costume of Eren Yeager (Attack on Titan)

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Attack on Titan
Eren Yeager
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Very Difficult
Costume worn at:
AnimeNEXT 2014
Katsucon 2014
SaikouCon 2014
Zenkaikon / KosaiKon 2014
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
1) Jacket
Materials: Duck canvas fabric, medium stabilizer, silver buttons, survey corps patches (purchased on etsy)
Construction: Pattern is loosely based on a women's Butterick jacket pattern. Mild lining and stabilizer added to prevent excess fabric flowiness. Patches purchased from etsy.com.
2) Skirt
Materials: Suede fabric
Construction: Pattern created by me.
3) Shirt
Materials: Apparel fabric, Leather cord
Construction: Used a women's Simplicity Pattern. Punched holes in neck and laced cord through.
Materials: Craft foam, Vinyl fabric in gray, black, and dark brown, Hot glue, Small buckles (7 pc), Large double prong belt buckle (1 pc), Staples, Sew on snaps (various sizes)
Construction: Gray and black vinyl pieces lined in craft foam for extra support. Snaps added for attachment to 3d gear pieces. Most belts are sewn together although some hot glue staples were used to aid in stability for thicker pieces. Belt hole puncher used for most holes.
Materials: Balsa wood, Styrene, Craft foam, EVA foam, Hot glue, Gesso, Aquarium siphoning tubing, Acrylic paint, Spray Paint, Decorative nails
Construction: Handles are carved from EVA foam. Details created with hot glue, craft foam, styrene, and decorative nails. Aquarium siphoning tubing is strung along side and attached to bottom, which eventually string down to the grappling hook shooters attached to the waist belt of the harness system. Blades are carved from balsa wood, painted many times with a thick gesso and sanded down to smooth out the wood grain, then finally sprayed with a chrome spray paint.
6)Sword sheaths
Materials: Foam core board, Styrene, craft foam, empty SmartWater bottles, Hot glue, Wire, PVC piping, Large Snaps, Aquarium siphoning tubing, Acrylic Paint, Spray Paint
Construction: Basic structure is carved from foam core board, covered in styrene. Slits cut in side to display a fake spring made from craft wire. Slits cut in front to hold replacement blades made from craft foam, styrene, and foam core board. Gas tanks are made from SmartWater bottles covered in styrene with pvc piping attached to front as nozzles. Connected to harness at thigh with snaps and to the back with tubing.
7) Gas shooter (the thing on the lower back)
Materials: EVA foam, Craft foam, Decorative nails, Styrene, Foam core board, Snaps, Hot Glue, Acrylic paint, Spray Paint
Construction: Basic structure made from EVA Foam and craft foam of varying thickness. Detailing done with decorative nails and styrene. Attaches to harness at the back with two large snaps.
8)Grappling Hook Shooters
Materials: EVA foam, Craft foam, Styrene, Hot Glue, Worbla, Snaps
Construction: Body made from craft foam and EVA foam. ''Metal'' detailing done with styrene, hook shaped out of Worbla. Attached to harness at both sides with snaps and connect to sword handles with aquarium siphoning tubing

***Purchased pieces: Pants, Boots (I added tassels to the sides), Key Necklace
Wig Details
Wig Brand
Arda Wigs
Wig Name
Blue Steele
Original Color:
Dark Brown
Styling Time
1 hour
Wig Quality Rating
5 / 5.00
Styling Notes
Just cut it in the front and added a bit of hair spray for mild separation
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