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Cosplayer Owl Eerie > Costume of Leafa (Sword Art Online)

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Wig (Arda Jeannie) + hairpiece, necklace, jacjket, dress, armor piece, sword belt AND SWORD, shorts, and boot tops. Does not include ears, sword, boots, or wings.

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Sword Art Online
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Masters 2nd place - Colossalcon 2014
Costume worn at:
ColossalCon (Cleveland) 2014
Glass City Con / GarasuNoShiCon 2015
Midoricon 2014
This Costume has been retired
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
*heavy sigh* This cosplay was a lot of work. Looking back on it a couple years later, there's a lot wrong with it but I'm so glad with how it came out for where my skill was when I made it. :)

The bodice of the is made from white stretch sateen on a self-drafted pattern modified from my underbust corset pattern. There are two strips of spiral steel boning in the front seams to help it keep its shape. The skirt and jacket are made from a bottom weight cotton. Initially I had dyed sateen, but the color wouldn't hold, so I remade the pieces. The seams are all serged and top stitched, and the scallops on the skirt are sealed with fray check. The dress has an invisible zipper in the back.

The bolero was drafted by draping on my dressform, and it made from the same cotton and sateen as the dress. The shoulder and bottom pieces were satin stitched with green embroidery thread. The sleeves are actually 4 pieces: the green puff sleeve, the top scallop piece, the green strip, and the bottom white sleeve. All of the raw edges were serged.

The breastplate is two layers, made from worbla and craft foam, and secures to the dress with snaps. It stops at my underarm to prevent it from interfering with my wings. The boob scallops are attached to this piece.

My necklace is craft foam with ribbon and a resin gem tinted with food coloring and backed in mirror poster board. It ties on with a bow. The flower headpiece is sateen with heavyweight interfacing and ties around the ponytail.

My shorts are either twill or denim, and again a self-made pattern. The leather pieces are the same material as the waist cincher. I want to remake these in the future.

The waist cincher is a heavy upholstery vinyl. The pattern was drafted like a corset block, and the front panel zips into place with invisible separating zippers. All of the panels are topstitched to give the same design as the art.

The sword belt is a medium weight vinyl. All of the diamonds are separate pieces, sewn together along the corners. It's secured with three snaps.

Old socks have been scrapped; new thigh high/mesh ones made for Glass City Con 2015.

My sword was my first time working with wood! The sword was made following the same steps as a katana build. All of the embellishments were done with a combination of craft foam, foamboard, and spackle. The butt of the sword, sides of the guard, and end of the sheath have resin gem inlays. The sheath is made from three layers of wood, plus two of craft foam to make it wide enough for the sword. The silver pieces are made from foamboard. The guard and sheath are both coated with Super Glaze resin.

My wings are made from transparent acrylic. I cut the shapes with a dremel and heat-shaped the corner to allow me to mount them. Each wing bolts onto a backplate, which is worn on a harness under my jacket. These are broken now ;_;

Circle lenses are EOS Colormax, and the ear tips are the Small Anime Ears from Aradani.
Wig Details
Wig Brand
Arda Wigs
Wig Name
Original Color:
Light Blonde
Styling Time
Wig Quality Rating
3 / 5.00
How was the wig colored?
Styling Notes
The wig was stubbed using clear silicone caulk. The ponytail was removed from the claw clip and mounted over a styrofoam ball which was then attached to the stub (with more caulk). <br /><br />To do the side braids, I added in extra tracts of wefts made from Doctored Locks extensions. The spikes were styled with hairspray and the tips set with caulk.
Wig Review
This wig refuses to hold color, coarse fiber.
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