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Cosplayer JieKi > Costume of Neku Sakuraba (The World Ends With You)

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The World Ends With You
Neku Sakuraba
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Construction Difficulty:
Very Easy
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
So I'm really dumb and for some strange reason I couldn't understand everyone else's Neku cosplay tutorials because I'm really really dumb. They helped though! But in the end I decided to do some weird and lazy things instead.

Shirt: Literally i went and bought two black shirts cut of the sleeves and got rid of the raw edges, and then cut out a chunk in the middle of one and did that weird stripe thing with blue and yellow fabric (all serged). Anyway that was a strange experience but it turned out alright. Pretty simple.
Okay this is where it gets weird. For the strange collar/cowl thing I literally took the shirt and cut/sew the sleeves together. So it has a weird sleeveless shirt look but… no arm holes. Then did the same blue yellow pattern to it (except the stripes didn't reach the end because I ran out of fabric.. haha) Then I just folded the bottom half into the top part of it and…
wore the shirt upside down.
Okay yeah that sounds really dumb but it works okay.
Like… I stick my head through the head part but the rest of the shirt is above my head and so it falls down and creates that weird baggy look but doesn't move much and I'm lazy and things okay I'm going to stop. Oh and then I stuck some fake interfacing into the collar to make it stand up more. (fake interfacing = stiffer fabric because I'm poor)

Pants: I was lazy and just snagged one of my white pants…

Headphones: Bought a super cheap base set of headphones and taped a larger circle base made from clipboard cardboard. I then wrapped the parts in masking tape and made a fake underside with tape. I tried making sure the actual headphones still peeped through, because at first I wanted them to be usable... but then I accidentally cut the wire on one part so I just snipped those right off. Anyway after wrapping the whole thing in the tape over and over again, I glued craft foam onto it, then made the extra sections with craft foam and fabric from the shirt wrapped around it (I'll post better pics soon). I glued all those pieces on. Then, I took more craft foam and painted it silver: two round pieces for the center, and four smaller pieces for the top section. I glued those on as well. They're done!

MP3: Lanyard with ribbon glued at the ends with craft foam and two metal "connectors" rings with a fake mp3 made from sculpey and 3d paint! Because the collar and shirt are disconnected... It easily sits under my collar without any discomfort!

I'm way too lazy to make the shoes... so sorry!!
Personal Thoughts:

For my mini group! AiAnimeCosplay! They're super cute so if you guys could check them out that would be cool LOL.

But other then that... dang I was so lazy on this project LOL.
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