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Cosplayer Jazqui > Costume of Roxy Lalonde (MS Paint Adventures / Homestuck)

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MS Paint Adventures / Homestuck
Roxy Lalonde
Special Variation:
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Costume worn at:
Anime Expo 2013
FanimeCon 2014
Katsucon 2014
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
This costume was quite an undertaking!! From head to toe:

Hat: The hats were bought online. Arianne picked up some suedelike fabric and made visor covers for them because they were embroidered with a pattern that was impossible to take out without destroying the visor, and they look SUPERB, but you would never know just by looking at them that they totally didn't come that way! She also took the junky bands off of the hat and replaced them with ribbons in colors matching our lapels, and she spray-painted the silver cord gold. I made Sburb symbols out of Sculpey for all of the hats to put on pins (WHICH SUCKED), but one of the roofs fell off the house so we ended up having just Jade and Rose wear them. I'll make a new one for myself later. I also made all of our lapel pins out of Sculpey.

Shirt and Bowtie: The shirt is a thrifted short-sleeved collared shirt. I ripped the collar out and sewed a scalloped lace in its place. I was having trouble brainstorming how I was going to make her dress, so I had elected to do it Mammon/Stakes style and crop the shirt and wear it over a tube dress, but in my determination to make it look presentable with or without the jacket, I realised AFTER CROPPING THE SHIRT TO MY BUSTLINE that I could have left it long and tucked it into an A-line skirt. So I left it as was and made the A-line skirt, but the problem is if I do the Roxy pose you can see my bra when the coat lifts (which I wish someone told me during the con LMAO). I'm going to make a new shirt later. Her little bow tie (as well as her other bow) is a pink casa satin with a string of gold beads (all the leftovers I have from Princess Kraehe's tiara) strung across the tails.

Coat: The jacket is made from a brocade matching all of the rest of our group, as well as with matching gold trim. We each used a satin for our lapels/facing that matched our character's color and overlaid it with lace in a darker shade. I wish that I used a more subtle color for the lace but given that they all used the standard Joann's casa lace fabrics, I didn't have many options. Though mine does look more or less like the actual design? We all got matching buttons (which were used on various parts of all of our costumes), but the internal design was silver so they had to be spray-painted. I strung glass beads that are looped around one button and sewn onto the buttonhole on the other side for the pearls. I sewed a lace into the bottom seam that matches the lace I sewed onto the bottom of Jake's shorts for Connor. I used a blazer pattern but altered it to be double-breasted, but it didn't come out as great as I would've liked so I'm probably going to remake mine. I also used a pink lining that I didn't realise just barely shows through the white, and while it looks cool, it isn't quite what I wanted and is very visible when you put me with the rest of the group.

Skirt and Butt Bow: I patterned the skirt from scratch. It zips up the side but has the three panels in front to get the seams that are visible on her design. The pearls are nine strings of glass beads from Michael's that are literally just a giant string that I put on over my shoulders as if I were putting pearls on my neck. The butt bow (again) is made from a pink casa satin and interfaced. I pinned it on in two places because I was worried about a snap showing and being too obvious if the bow drooped. I cut relatively symmetrical tatters into the ends of the tails, burned them over a candle to keep them from fraying, and then rubbed them on the bottom of our barbecue to get some ash in them.

Accessories: The gloves are Halloween store white gloves with the matching gold trim sewn onto the edges. The thigh highs are storebought, and the garters velcro closed. One is obviously a wide lace, and the other is that metallic belting Joann sells, but they were out of gold so I spray painted silver it with the same paint we used for the buttons and gold cord for the hats, as well as the suspender clip I used for the garterbelt, which is just a tube of the white sateen I used for the skirt. The Mutie pin is pink sculpey that I hot glued on top of a striped ribbon and gave a pin backing. The gold medal is the backside of a pendant I found at Michael's. I sewed the link on top of it onto a white ribbon I cut into the shape I wanted and also gave a pin backing.

Shoes: I bought wedge booties on clearance from Target, but they were brown so I spray-painted them with floral paint and then made cuffs from white pleather and sewed buttons on. They stayed a separate piece from the shoes--I slide them onto my leg before putting on the shoes and then slide them down on top when they're all the way on.
Personal Thoughts:
FANCY HOMESTUCK? It's about time I got to do a costume like this. It was really fun wearing this costume around AX and I'm pretty proud of how it came out. I was really meticulous with all of the little details, but when it came to making the jacket, it was crunchtime (I started it two days before the con and had the lining and fabric sewn together in separate pieces before we left on day zero, and finished sewing it at my friend's house when we arrived in LA). I might remake the jacket entirely because there are things I would do differently, but for now I'm happy with it. I also wasn't able to wear the pink contacts at the con because I forgot to change the solution to soak them overnight and figured, "Whatever, we don't have a shoot scheduled," which is kind of sad, because they make a really big difference! I'll wear them next time.
Wig Details
Wig Brand
Arda Wigs
Wig Name
Original Color:
Ash Blonde
Styling Time
2 hours
Wig Quality Rating
4 / 5.00
Styling Notes
I did restyle Roxy's wig for this! I cut it closer around my face and redid the curly-cue. Some of the styling came out in the bag because when I cut it it sort of automatically took the shape I wanted, but it looks like I'm going to have to be more forceful with the styling before the next time I wear it.
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