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Cosplayer SanctuaryMemory > Costume of June May (Cloth Road)

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Cloth Road
June May
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Very Difficult
Judge's Award
Costume worn at:
Anime Matsuri 2013
Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Favorite Task: I like a lot of things about the costume. It's super colorful. The wig (that Siobhan worked so hard on for me! Our first time at drill curls, yay!), came out amazing! All the different kinds of ruffles I learned how to make to add variety to the front of the dress. The LEDs that peak through the flowers for that added "wow!" factor when people take a second look...

Easiest Task: Putting all the flowers on. I was really going to make a bunch of flowers for this costume too, since I made the flowers for my White Rose costume. But, after canceling one convention so we would have extra time to work on these costumes, it just wasn't plausible to make hundreds of thousands of different kinds of flowers. That's totally different than making lots of roses. So, I just bought a lot of flowers (which I got to pick mostly whatever I liked, since there's only one picture of this dress that's "official" right now), and just sewed/glued them on!

Least Favorite Task: For one - it's way too heavy. The skirt, even when the support of a hoop skirt, collapses if I'm not careful, so I needed constant re-fluffing. :( I'm probably going to need a second hoop to support it. The skirt also weighs an EXTRA 30 POUNDS (!!!) after all the ruffles, LEDs, and flowers, so my hips hurt - a lot. XD
Adding a second hoop skirt the second time I wore it a year later just made the whole thing weigh down and constantly had the skirt coming unsnapped. D:

Hardest Task: Getting in and out of the costume without the parts falling off/me falling over. Or getting through any crowds/doorways/on to a stage. Sitting was IMPOSSIBLE.

Yeah, I'd say that was the hardest and most disappointing part. Not being able to sit for 12+ hours. :(
Personal Thoughts:
This costume was the most expensive and time consuming costume I have ever made to-date. :( I always knew I would want to make June May one day (hint hint!), but after making Princess White Rose for Anime Matsuri, I was kind of burnt out on flower-making. However, by the graces of the bucket (which is how my cosplay partner and I decide our yearly costumes - through pulling a series from a bucket), I got two flower costumes back-to-back. Haha. It was terrible, and cost way more than we thought. But, it was still beautiful, and we plan to keep improving them over time!
Wig Details
Wig Brand
CosplayDNA / Zhenna0036
Wig Name
33' Straight
Original Color:
Styling Time
Wig Quality Rating
5 / 5.00
Styling Notes
I think this is the wig I bought. I typically deal with the same sellers over and over. Anyway, I bought a long wig and cut the bangs and side-bangs into it. Then, I cut all of the hair off and chopped her into a bob. I used Sparkle Pipsi's tutorial on how she made her Mami drill curls to make the curls and then sewed up in there. (Actually, Siobhan made the curls. Cause she's the best partner everrrr).
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