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Cosplayer Glay > Costume of Zelgadiss Greywords (Slayers Revolution)

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Slayers Revolution
Zelgadiss Greywords
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Construction Details:
QuantumDestiny cast my brooch out of resin. I backed/rimmed the gem with silver leather and used a leather tape/trim thing... for the bow tie part. I ironed the leather for the boxy effect of the bow pieces. and hot glued the ends to the back of the gem. Gem was then backed with a piece of velcro. There's another piece of velcro on the cloak it attached to. Cloak and cape were made of the same ugly beige fabric. I tried to match it as close as I could to the nice fabric I got for my tunic/pants/gloves but it's definitely an uglier version of the colour lmao. In any case, that was just lined with broadcloth. I seriously spent like 5 hours making each glove I swear. FUCK i hate gloves. Especially out of some random shitty fraying 2-way stretch fabric. And our house cleaner threw one out so I had to make ANOTHER. I was so mad lol. Anyway yeah. Pretty straight forward clothing pieces. I got two brown belts from the leather store and also some leather ties. I tied the two belts together in some odd formation, and the gold details are gold garment leather just hot glued on.

Anatra helped with the liquid latex prosthetics. I carved the shapes out of sculpy then baked. Anatra used those to press and make a mold for me and poured the liquid latex (mixing it with some blue acrylic paint to make the pieces dark blue). I then cleaned up the pieces and painted them. Ears were anime elf ears or something from aradani. I painted my face with.... I forget the shade. It was a blue from Ben Nye, waterbased. I added shading with an oil based dark slate blue paint from Mehron and sealed with random light blue eyeshadow I got from shoppers drugmart. Put some random contouring here and there with darker blue/grey eyeshadow. Glued on the prosthetics. I needed QD's help with the ears cuz the one time I did it myself the ear went on crooked and practically fell off lmao. I couldn't eat well in this costume. The chin piece falls off due to chin muscle movement due to chewing, and the under-eye prosthetics like to migrate upwards after hours of wear, so they're like.. in my eye. I used some pale blue lipstick I bought randomly a hundred years ago when pale blue was all the rage lol.

Wig was a punky in some ugly purple colour. I did most of the styling and back combing, QD fixed it up for me after that so it matched her Amelia wig somewhat.

QD also found me some hideous brown men's boots at Value Village and I stuffed lifts in there, shined them up, and that was done.

AerialDown made my sword for me and QD paid him for it... lol, which I then proceeded to use as a walking stick as I was forced to hobble down a cliff face/waterfall for a photoshoot and then back up where the locals decided I was an avatar with the clap.

overall the effect turned out great, but I woulda never done Zelgadis cuz he's my least fav out of the main characters LOL It's all for my sis.
Personal Thoughts:
My face hurts
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