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Cosplayer Tranquility > Costume of Super Sailor Pluto (Sailor Moon Super S)

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Sailor Moon Super S
Super Sailor Pluto
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MegaCon 2013
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
First off I want to say thanks to Kapalaka for advice/for being a costume reference and to Cupcake cosplay for this tutorial: http://cupcakecosplay.com/tutorials/how-to-make-a-sailor-moon-fuku/ I didn't follow their directions exactly and I changed a few things, but they gave me great ideas. I'd also like to thank Hanamaru and K-chan because we all worked together at sewing parties and they helped me out!

I styled my wig last minute in the hotel, so I plan to fix it up later. I pulled some hair back and wrapped wefts around a styrofoam ball to make the hair bun. The wig color is a blend of black and shades of green, but the green doesn't seem to show up well in photos.

My bodysuit was made using a modified form of the Green Pepper Crystal Lake Skating outfit pattern. I used a 4-way stretch matte spandex. The sleeves are spandex stuffed with Poly-fil and organza for the sheer pieces. The hip roll is another spandex tube and the glove rolls are more fabric tubes. So many tubes. Lol. If you make the glove rolls out of a non-stretch fabric like I did, remember to cut them out on the bias and sew using a tiny zigzag stitch so they will stretch as much as possible. I used a stretch stitch for most of this costume.

I made my earrings and tiara from scratch out of plastic sheeting. I used Kapalaka's tiara tutorial as a guide: http://fav.me/d59uzak My necklace was made out of a painted star button and ribbon with Velcro as a closure.

I made my bows basically the same way as they did in the Cupcake Cosplay tutorial. I believe I made my front bow smaller than their measurements and my back bow bigger due to personal preference. I also added wire inside of my back bow to stop it from flopping down.

My heart brooch was bought from Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WindoftheStars This was my first time ever commissioning something for a costume. I couldn't find a good heart mold and it made things so much easier on me. Thanks WindoftheStars! :D She made Saturn and Neptune's brooches too.

Hanamaru and I made up our own sailor collar and skirt patterns to fit us. The skirt was a circle skirt with a box pleat in the front and back and knife pleats on the sides. We decided to go with a reverse box pleat because in the majority of our reference pics the skirts had a line drawn down the front center under the hip roll point and that's how we interpreted it. My skirt needs to be fixed or re-done because it looks kinda messy to me and I rushed the hem.

My shoes were originally thigh highs but I cut them shorter and added a trim so they would resemble Pluto's boots. I think that's it! I posted a few progress pics of this costume on FB: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.189847094403775.55308.189832161071935
Personal Thoughts:
Kapalaka asked me to be in a Sailor Moon group and I've always liked Sailor Pluto so I chose her. The group was made up of Kapalaka as Mars, HoodedWoman as Jupiter, Exilefayt as Mercury, VertigoVendetta as Venus, Alouette as Uranus, K-chan as Neptune, and Hanamaru as Saturn. All of these girls are awesome people and we had a lot of fun. This costume was very last minute and is currently a work in progress. I still have to fix a lot of things and make my Garnet Rod.
Wig Details
Wig Brand
Arda Wigs
Wig Name
Original Color:
Mirkwood Green
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