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Cosplayer chibi_flora > Costume of Lucina (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

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Fire Emblem: Awakening
Special Variation:
Bride Class DLC
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Costume worn at:
Katsucon 2014
Otakon 2013
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Dress and Accessories

For the top I used an evening dress pattern, which I cut off at the waist area to get the princess seams. There are three layers to the top: the lining, some bengaline for interfacing, and the outside is this textured silk fabric. So then I tried making it into this corset-like thing, so I sewed channels and inserted some wire in for boning, because I had some on hand. the thing zips up from the back. It has lace, ribbon, and bias tape along the top and bottom edges.

The side panels consist of two main sections each. The top part is brocade left over from making Rosa, which is lined and then quilted over in a criss-cross pattern so it will lay flat. Then I added some more lace. The tiered ruffles are made with pleated taffetta, and the gold trim is ribbon. The side panels are sewn to the bodice, and I added in some loops for lacing using some leftover bias tape. I made some covered buttons using what was leftover from the brocade, and attached them to the front part of the dress. Additionally, two small pieces of velcro were sewn in as an anchor for the piece of waist jewelry.

The skirt is a lot of fabric which was sewn into a loop, hemmed, and then gathered/pleated into the correct position. The top tiers are made of taffetta, and the bottom tier is made of organza, since the dress becomes more sheer towards the bottom. The skirt is worn on top of a petticoat (from my Lolita days) as well as a hoopskirt for volume.

The arm warmers are tubes of strechy white fabric with strechier lace and gold puff paint. The top part is made by gluing strips of craft foam to organza, adding lace, and tying the whole thing to my arm.

The choker is made using the same silk fabric and lace as the top. It's tied together with ribbon.

The waist jewelry thing is made of foam sandwiched between two sheets of worbla, which is then bent into shape and painted. A few chains from a necklace are glued to it, and two clasps, also made of worbla, are used to attach to the sashes. (The sashes are tubes of chiffon, which come together in a bow in the back) The jewelry thing attaches to the top with velcro.

Gradivus: The legendary lance from the first Fire Emblem game! I made the Shadow Dragon version instead of its redesign for Awakening because that's the version that shows up in the official art for the Grustian general Camus and I am just forever sad that it's impossible to recruit him into your army (even though that's kind of the point... ;_;) Like my other spears, Gradivus is a PVC pipe base, and constructed with cardboard, tape, and hotglue, for the most part. The red ribbon is leftover from making the cape for Lord class Lucina.
Personal Thoughts:
Huge pain to de-wrinkle. Easier to wear than I expected. Small children think I'm a princess. So well, technically Lucina is a princess that travels through time to fight a dragon, so I guess it still works.
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100cm Long
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