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Cosplayer Fushicho > Costume of Konohana Sakuya (Persona 4)

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Persona 4
Konohana Sakuya
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Very Difficult
Costume worn at:
Katsucon 2013
This Costume has been retired
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
The leotard is just a normal dance leotard because I didn't feel like making one. So because I didn't feel like making one, the pink and gold designs are all painted on with fabric paint mixed with acrylic [to get the right color] and the dots are puff paint. The helmet is made out of thin cardboard and was bondo'd over and then sanded down. The eyes are plastic and I couldn't find a way to make myself see through them so I just painted them completely over [later I realized I could've made holes in the middle section of the eyes and it wouldn't be noticeable due to the eye's shape]. The small flowers on the helmet and the flowers and petals on my wrists were made out of matte board. The wrist pieces themselves were made from two pieces of foam board and craft foam. The petals were stuck on via E6000 [my favorite go to adhesive I swear]. The skirt was made from cotton sateen and the belt was an old belt I cut in half to make the 'V' shape and then covered with gold spandex. It hooks on via a simple clothing eye and hook. The boots were straight up stripper heels to start off with - 6 inches with almost a 45 degree arch. I covered the boots with white vinyl and the bottom portion with gold spandex to make that weird Persona foot shape. You know? Like, it's a solid "thin" stick all the way down? So yeah, that happened.

This is when things got REALLY irritating for me. I had started making this costume last year but I wasn't able to find the material I wanted for my petal wing in the US. I had found two places [Italy and the UK] but they wouldn't ship to the USA so I spent the remainder of the year trying to find something. I got frustrated and just decided "eff it" and made the petal wing out of poster board. HOWEVER, because all the poster board together was too heavy to sit up about shoulder height [though I wanted it highter] I had to make a wing brace. The wing brace was ghetto the max but it did it's job. PVC pipes, copper wire, a light switch cover, a crap ton of duct tape, and cloth strips to wear as a backpack under my leotard. The wire that ran through the petal wing hooked into the copper wiring wing brace hold and then I wrapped them up in black electrical tape.... then I realized it looked like donkey poo so I covered the wires with fake Sakura blossoms. Didn't look too shabby to be honest.

I was completely blind whenever I put my helmet on and mobility was limited due to how heavy the wings actually were. I had to keep having my poor boyfriend to adjust the copper wiring so that it would curve higher up every now and then due to it sinking when I walked.

I destroyed those wings the minute I got home after the convention ahahahaaahaha NEVER AAGGAAAINNNNN.
Personal Thoughts:
I'm on the fence about this costume because I pretty much like everything but my petal wing. I had found the perfect material to use for it but both places I found wouldn't ship to the US and then I hit the "it's almost the con and I've been searching for 6 months" moment.. SO I MADE THEM OUT OF PAPER.

The shoes are amazing but so super painful that I can only wear them for about 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours without dying.

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