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Cosplayer Lulu Miyazawa > Costume of Azami Koshiba (Hatoful Boyfriend)

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Hatoful Boyfriend
Azami Koshiba
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Costume worn at:
Comiket Summer 2012
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
I spent most my Christmas holidays (and a little bit more) giving this a complete overhaul: only the shorts and the belt, both of them bought, remained with no changes from the first time I wore this XD

Instead of the boots I used at C82, this time I made my own tabi boots using thick mid-calf socks. I separated the toe first, then added elastic strips and a buckle. They have two soles, one sewn with sturdy thread inside the sock and the other glued over it. I covered that one with black tinted latex to enhance their durability. I also made the white top and the armband properly with my sewing machine and not by hand. I also added the white bias and upper pockets to the coat, changed the color of the cherry blossom petals and added more of them. I tried to fix the horrible paint job on the gloves and I must admit I added the purple tiger strips on my own since they looked too plain and crappy no matter what I did to fix them! I also changed the color of the purple charm and sprayed it with more coats of gloss, changed the color of the mask and bought a new pair of earrings that were smaller and cuter and with a more faithful color ^^
Personal Thoughts:
The last thing I expected was having to cram another costume in my luggage when travelling to Japan, but this unusual otome game captured my heart in a very short amount of time. I shall only tell you that it's your everyday dating game for girls with a twist. And no small twist, because the handsome suitors that will surround you are pigeons. Yes, you read it right. I won't go into much detail about the game here, because you should be downloading the demo already if it piqued your interest, or maybe you just stop reading out of pure horror. Let's just say that I started reading it for its awesome humor and ended up crying with it as well. That's a fangirl for you :P

There are only two main girls in Hatoful Boyfriend: the MC is quite good for these kind of games, but undoubtedly "mai waifu" and favorite character is Azami-neesan, an awesome older sister figure with a lot of epic moments, and even a beautiful romance! It wasn't long until I realized I could have the opportunity to meet Hatoful Boyfriend's creator, Moa-sensei, at Comiket, and so my last costume was decided, even if it probably was the one with the worst outcome ;__; I could indeed meet Moa-sensei and that she recognized me and liked my costume! (don't know how in the Earth she could possibly like it, she was probably being courteous, but she's very kind!). Didn't get on time to buy her latest doujin, though, but I bought the guidebook and a cute OkosanxPudding strap XD
Wig Details
Wig Brand
Wig Name
Long Wavy
Original Color:
Wig Quality Rating
2 / 5.00
Styling Notes
This wig was the true letdown of this costume T_T So I worked hard to make it look as good as possible (since it's probably Azami's most distinguishable feature along with her coat). I actually learned to ventilate in order to make the right part of her hair. I added more wefts overall and styled and cut her white bangs better. It's not a flattering hairstyle (and it took quite a few tries to make it look less than stupid on my actual head), but I managed it as good as I could D:
Wig Review
It was a really cheap and shiny party wig even though it appeared to be a half-decent one on eBay. At least it wasn't expensive ^^u
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