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Well!! Jonathan and I were tromping around San Diego Comic Con in our Princess Bride outfits, and we saw a guy in Tron outfit. It was a mixture of electroluminescent wire, florescent paint and reflective tape. And I thought, yuck, we can do better! We hadn't even left the Con and I was googling catsuits from Jonathans iPhone. ^_^

I regret that I didn't enter journal posts on this one, but it all happened so quickly. We were taking our time ordering all the base materials (we decided to go with white catsuits and reflective tape), and we had MONTHS to get these bad boys done, when Disney announced their private elecTRONica Meet-Up Party at Disney's California Adventure, and we managed to score tickets.

So we had a WEEK to make this costume! Lemme do a quick rundown on the costume pieces:

- We got the catsuits custom ordered off of eBay from China. They took about a month to arrive, and aside from being slightly see-through, they were perfect! We bought some white tights to wear under the suits to remedy the see-through-ness.
- I found the shoes at a thrift store, spray painted them white and trimmed them with reflective tape.
- I'd intended to buy some white leg warmers off of eBay, but ran out of time with the random deadline. So I bought a white sweater at a thrift store, cut off the arms and my mum stuck some elastic in and hemmed them for me. Voila last minute leg warmers!
- The belt is actually a plastic place mat from the Dollar Store... I hot glued it into belt form, covered it in white fabric (that I got from an extra large shirt at a retail store) and decorated it in the reflective tape. We attached some elastic on the end to give it some bend, and Jonathans riveting tool came into use to make the holes for the hooks to snap into. ^_^
- The wrist bracers are actually little kids shin guards. We took a seam ripper to them to take off the black elastic wraps, and then spray painted them, decorated them and hot glued them to the catsuit.
- The hat was the hardest, and I'm not too thrilled with it. We looked everywhere for something to turn into a Yori cap.. from buying a plastic toy kids helmet at the Dollar Store, to a swimming cap at a sports store. I finally settled on this bright orange hunting cap from a thrift store, cut it into a kind-of Yori hat shape, spray painted it, hot glued a white lining (that oversized shirt came into play again) and decorated it with the tape.
- The body of the catsuit was decorated with reflective tape (obviously) that needed to be hot glued to the suit... while we were wearing them. Seriously. We have blisters and scabs. I seriously wish I were joking.

We finished my costume around one in the morning before having to leave to elecTRONica.. and it was a BLAST! The Disney Parks Blog people took pictures of us and featured them on the Disney website blog, and the screenwriters from Tron Legacy said that our costumes looked as nice / nicer than the actual Tron costumes from the original movie!

We got stopped for pictures every couple of steps, which was a lot of fun, and people kept freaking out over how the tape glows in the pictures, which we got a BIG kick out of. I love the pictures we were able to take with the awesome background, and the party was unforgettable. This is by far one of my favoritest costumes!! ^_^
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