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Cosplayer anime_wench > Costume of Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

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Avatar: The Last Airbender
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I discovered Avatar: The Last Airbender anime just in time to get excited for the motion picture movie - aka, Shamalonga-ding-dong atrocity. Mum (username saxon1014) threw these costumes together in time for the midnight showing in Fresno.

For my costume, I bought the boots off of eBay. Mum found the pants at a Susies Deals.. they were basically very thin, flowy nurse scrubs.

Mum made the dress as a kind of combination pull over dress / wrap around skirt. The arm wraps were just shreds of the fabric that was originally intended to act as my pants.. they were a pain to keep wrapped tight, they kept sliding down with all the movement. Grrr!

The fiance drew the water tribe symbol on a circle of seashell.. basically a generic jewellry craft piece from Joanns Fabrics.. and I sewed it on some velvet ribbon for the choker necklace.

My hair is still blonde for the upcoming Princess Bride costume, so I used temporary hair color spray for the brown. My hair is only shoulder length, so I pulled it back in a bun and attached the braid under the bun. The front bangs / beads were a PAIN. I actually used some leftover dreds from my mums old Jack Sparrow wig and had to weave the dred under my hair along the part to the bun in the back. After threading the bead onto the dread, I held it in place with bobby pins and a heck of a lot of hair spray!

My fiance (username everythingman) went as Zuko, my sister (username little_ewok51) went as Princess Azula and our friend Eric (username gambit_ak) went as Sokka. The pictures were taken at the Potwisha campsite in the Sequoias National Forest in California. It was a blast! ^_^
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