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Cosplayer Crystalike > Costume of Korra (Legend of Korra, The)

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Legend of Korra, The
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Costume worn at:
Anime LA 2013
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
The shirt given to me by DW was already really well done, I just took in the sides a tiny bit, and cut the collar for the weird flaps. The pants were super comfortable and untouched.

I bought this upholstery brown textured pleather stuff from Joanns for the buttcape, traced around DW's buttcape, and made mine out of two layers sewn together, then hot glued white long pile fur around the bottom. I used a dark blue/gray marker around the beginning parts of the fur for a more realistic textured look, and used a little hairspray to keep the fur down a bit. The tie for the buttcape was made of blue stretchy material, and pulled through the top of the buttcape.

The armbands are two layers, one white and one blue.

The zigzag armband was made from some material cut from the bottom of the pants, white swimsuit material, and blue stretchy fabric, the same stuff as the buttcape tie. I cut out triangles of the blue, fabric glued them down, and did the same for the circles.

The boots were bought from Walmart, and I cut long pile fur pretty short for a shearling look, and hot glued strips to the top, then cut another strip for the front v part. I cut extra pleather material leftover from the buttcape for the brown straps around the bottom, and hot glued them too. The shoes are really comfortable and sturdy!

The hairties are made of blue 3mm craftfoam with white piping hot glued to the top and bottom ,and are held together with double sided tape. I may experiment with using clear hair ties instead.

I'm honestly pretty pale, so I mixed some normal shade liquid foundation with some L'oreal True MAtch Super blendable makeup in a darker color to get a good mix. The application was a little messy and I did smear some on my shirt, but the overall look is alright. The next time I wear Korra to ALA I will do my best to get some more color on me. :P I just don't want to be orange!
Personal Thoughts:
As soon as I saw the design, I knew I wanted to make the costume. I really liked how the creators of Avatar decided to use a strong female lead for the new show, and I really liked how she has a similar body type to me: wide shoulders, small waist, and good hips. She definitely can't be taken down that easily! I LOVED how badass she is in the show and her action scenes always had me biting my nails since I could never anticipate her moves. Korra's a real firecracker! This costume took me a while to do so, but I finally did! This is another couple cosplay with HybridTwist as Mako which we planned before we started going out. XD

Most of the costume is from DW and Rofltrain. I used the shirt, pants, v cape they gave me, and made my own armbands, zigzag bang, wig, wig ties, buttcape, and shoes.

Used Dollyeye blue lenses for Korra since I still have yet to get bright turquoise lenses.

Bought Arda Wig's Jeannie wig in Mahogany, and need to keep coloring it with alchohol based artist markers to get it closer to the dark brown color. I chose Mahogany since Dark Brown was sold out during the sale I bought it at. :(

Wig Details
Wig Brand
Arda Wigs
Wig Name
Original Color:
Wig Quality Rating
3 / 5.00
Styling Notes
Undid the pretied ponytail, and separated parts of the wig more for the front side tails, then tied the back up much higher for Korra's high ponytail. I used 5 thick hairties for the top ponytail, and small rubberbands for the side hairs. The wig is pretty uncomfortable, and I will definitely have to use bobby pins the next time I wear Korra.
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