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Cosplayer Kitsoru > Costume of Klan Klan (Macross Frontier)

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Macross Frontier
Klan Klan
Special Variation:
Lovely Bomber
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Costume worn at:
Youmacon 2012
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Top to bottom:
Wig is from CosMonde, I styled the pigtails and bangs. There is a confusing bit in the character design where the actual movie interpreted something as a headwrap with long tails, and all the figures have interpreted that bit as a cape; I went with a headwrap because I think the cape way looks really stupid, lol. The green LB headband actually got to be a big problem when worn because I didn't have much room between my browline and the hairline of the wig to stick it under (with some bangs pulled over on top of it and others sticking out from under), so that combined with the backheavyness of the wig made the wig slip a lot while being worn much to my dismay. I may either remake the headband thinner or find some way to pull the wig forward and keep it there..
The ears are the Anime Elf ears from Aradani Studios.

The neck gorget is poplin, snaps up the side and was patterned using help from the Bevor Gorget pattern from user porkshanks on dA. The gem is foam backed paperclay. The swimsuit itself is (..should be?) fully functional, elasticated at the hems and lined. I screwed up more times than I can count on this, the top is a bit too small and wonky in places and the bottoms I messed up and forgot to do the highcut leg into the waistband even though I KNEW they had a highcut leg, I was just working working to get it done and it ended up a bikini instead, blah.

The armor shoulders and belt were.. interesting! I've never done anything remotely armor-like before. The domes are styrofoam balls (the solid ballbearing kind, not the crinkley crunchy kind) chopped in half, hollowed out and sealed a good bazillion times before being painted and sealed with a few coats of gloss mod podge. The bases are all foam, as is the hipbelt itself and the details on it. The attachment was the hard part, and it basically all ended up being pinned with straight sewing pins into the styrofoam through the nearby articles of clothing. This is an impermanent solution, trying to look for a better one still.

The gloves were bought from Halloween discount, cuffs added and painted. The stocking is just a tube of spandex. The garters were going to have foam rolls inserted but I ran out of time before the con and just sewed them shut as flat bands instead- they kept slipping off so I may have to tighten and/or open to readd the foam in them.

The boots are cowgirl boots from Goodwill (because I think the shape of the boot itself resembled a cowgirl boot and because any excuse I can reach at for me to not have to wear Pleaser Gogo boots is a welcome one) painted and with the yellow detail added in foam.

The bass was made by my lovely Mikhail sonteen, and painted/finished in a dual effort in the hotel room XD
Personal Thoughts:
aka "how does I spandex?" Holy moly this costume was a try on patience... Everything more or less came together in the end but there are a lot of details I'm still unhappy about. A learning experience.
Wig Details
Wig Brand
Wig Name
Macross Frontier Klan Klan
Original Color:
Dark Blue
Styling Time
Hour or two tops
Wig Quality Rating
3 / 5.00
Styling Notes
Just spiked up the top pigtails, trimmed and styled the bangs on the basewig.
Wig Review
Wig is from CosMonde, come as a base bobbed wig with long sidepieces and two double-layered twintail clips (top spikey fiber layer and long fiber beneath). I specifically hunted down a Klan wig that came as just two clips, instead of 4. Clips are quite heavy. The blue is actually a little too dark for Klan I think, but in natural light it's not so bad. Detangles pretty easily, not much plasticy shine. Good wig.
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