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Cosplayer Crystalike > Costume of Kasumi (Dead or Alive 5)

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Dead or Alive 5
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
I knew when I saw the DOA5 Kasumi that I'd have to remake my old Kasumi costume since the blue was really teal and too light, and the fabrics for Kasumi changed a lot. Her blue dress changed from light blue to a navy blue, and the white borders on the dress used to be a matte white, but changed to a brocade, and the design for the wristguards and shinguard shoes changed a lot.

I used white leftover brocade from my Chun Li costume for the obi and used white elastic for the part to hold the sword which I reused from my old Kasumi costume. The obi closes in the back with sewn on velcro.

The next part was to pattern the dress, which was really simple since I just traced around the old dress I had and the fabric was stretchy so it didn't fray. I used a heavyweight stretchy navy blue fabric from the LA Fashion District, and I used about 2 yards. The sleeves were puffy sleeves hand gathered with white brocade sewn on the edge following a tutorial. the white borders for the dress were custom made bias tape made of white brocade that I got from Joanns fabrics. Brocade frays a lot, but I love the designs that are available, and the overall richness they add to a costume versus a plain color fabric.

The wristguards were a really insanely time consuming part of the costume. I made the gold cuffs with two types of pleather hot glued to craft foam, covered thin cardboard with navy blue dragon brocade and white bias tape glued on top, and made the top wrist part the same way, except with some black elastic sewn to the tip for me to slip my middle finger into. I cut holes into the base of the wristguard brocade, and used an eyelet hole punch to put small silver eyelets into them and tied black elastic through them.

The shinguards were made of blue brocade glued to white craft foam with white bias tape over the edges, and white thin elastic sewn around the back to keep them up. I tied gold string around my feet to mimic the look of Kasumi's shoes.

I spent a lot of time on the makeup for Kasumi to look more like her updated model from DOA5, but it seems like I have more work to do.

Thanks to Lindsey for cosplaying DOA with me, and Sean for being our photographer, and Trevor for helping light us!
Personal Thoughts:
I love Kasumi, and DOA is one of my favorite fighting series. The girls are cute, everyone has a unique fighting style, and there are so many outfits! It also seems like a more intuitive fighting game for me rather than Tekken or Street Fighter.
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