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Cosplayer Miu > Costume of Mituna Captor (MS Paint Adventures / Homestuck)

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MS Paint Adventures / Homestuck
Mituna Captor
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
The yellow part was sown from a stretchy yellow fabric, the black was just something I had left over. I measured around my neck, and down to how far i wanted the collar part to hang. I used math to figure out the radius of both circles, and then made a cone pattern using about 6 sheets of printer paper, some ducktape, a marker, and some string (the last two to draw nice circles).
The black under suit thing was two pieces of pajama long underwear stuff that was bought on clearance. I don't remember the store but it was a big name brand one.
The diagonal yellow band was a strip of fabric hot glued down. The boot covers where made by tracing the outline of the boots, and hot gluing the two sides together to make a sock type thing. If you use a non srechy fabric it might not work out, but i slide mine over the boot and again hot glued it down. They actually held up a lot better than i thought they would! (The base boots where from a thrift store)
The helmet was an old child's ski helmet. The opening in the from was larger than a bike helmet. I painted it white (X2) and then yellow (X3) but spray painting would have been much easier. The visor was made by taking the clear sleeve on the front of a binder, folding it in half, and then coloring the blue and the red on one half. The other half was folded around sandwiching the marker between two layers of plastic so it wouldn't rub off. I could not see out of it that well, but shifting the helemt up so you can see when walking, and then lowering it for photos worked. The sides where made from two yogurt containers. The horns from model magic stole from a sollux cosplay.
Wig was from an older cosplay. I got it from ebay i think, and very over priced. it was a really long wig then, and completely unmanageable. My friend cut it short, using the cut off hair to make peg tails. Then i took scissors to the wig and just cut it randomly. I did try to curl it, but the wig would not curl. Some hair spray did add some fluff though. I wore the wig down farther on my forehead that i usually do to make the bangs more solid in front of my face.
Grey paint was ben nye and like eight layers of setting spray. (I think it was urban decay?) Lips darkened with some eye liner. I've used black lipstick before, and not only was it really expensive (at sophorias because i bought it in march) But it kept rubbing off and smearing. With eye liner i didn't have this problem.
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