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Cosplayer Toiea > Prop of Marceline the Vampire Queen (Adventure Time with Finn and Jake)

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Adventure Time with Finn and Jake
Marceline the Vampire Queen
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About this Prop
Construction Details:
- traced around a bass guitar for the general size, then sketched the axe design around it.
- three layers of foamcore board covered in a sheet of bendy posterboard on eeach side and then stuffed with newspaper for the body.
- several layers of foamcore board for the neck/head.
- covered everything in a few layers of paper mache.
- primer, paint, details.
- attached tuners, strings, and dials.

Marceline literally took the family battle axe, put some strings on it, and called it a guitar - so I wanted mine to look like such. I didn't want it to look all cartoony and chunky like a lego brick. I wanted something BAD ASS.
I made the metal edges actually look more like metal, extended the neck longer than a normal bass (and more like an axe), and slapped some real guitar bits on it.
Personal Thoughts:
Protip: spray paint does not dry, it BOILS, in temperatures of 110+. This means that if you're making cosplay props in Arizona in the summer, you better clear out your living room and do it in the air conditioning. Otherwise, your paint will bubble and look like crap.

I'm fairly content with how my guitar looks, but I also feel like it could be much better. I'm unhappy with how lumpy the body is. Sanding did nothing because it was actually the posterboard underneath that buckled from the weight/wetness of the paper mache.
I want to remake this prop some time when I have more than two days to work on it.
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