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Cosplayer slightlysalted > Costume of Kirei Kotomine (Fate/Zero)

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Kirei Kotomine
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Very Easy
Costume worn at:
Anime USA 2012
Katsucon 2013
Otakon 2012
Permanent Link:
About this Costume
Construction Details:
I tried to cosplay Litchi Hikari Club and failed. So I made the school gakuran into Kotomine's costume. And I totally grabbed my Togainu no Chi crosses for the costume, and raided a Target during my lunch break.
Personal Thoughts:
I really like Kotomine. I've liked Kotomine since his implied gay romp with Kiritsugu in Fate/Stay Night. However, because Fate/Stay Night was only okay, I didn't really pursue it. About 5 years later, Fate/Zero came out and I like Kotomine even more now. And he has even more gay romps with Gilgamesh. (You cannot completely convince me that Fate/Zero was not a yaoi between Gil and Kotomine.) I watched the series a month or two before Otakon and called up GunBlazeEX, telling him that we should closet cosplay it. He tells me that his friend is actually doing Saber, so we decide that he should be Kiritsugu and I wil. be Kotomine (there was a lot of WAVERing though) because I have a failed costume that can be easily altered for it. Around the time that I start realizing that I may not have time to finish the costume, they announce that Gen Urobuchi (author of Fate/Zero) will be at Otakon. F. And then ChibiTifa tells me that she's planning to do Sola-Ui, and they have a group consisting of Kayneth, Sola-Ui, Lancer, Saber, and Gilgamesh. Hey. Just so happens you guys are missing some masters, and GunBlazeEX and I are missing some servants. So we combine forces. And then GunBlazeEX gets cantfightfate to be his wifey. Hooray.
Wig Details
Wig Brand
Wig Name
Durarara!! Izaya Orihara
Wig Quality Rating
4 / 5.00
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