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Cosplayer Mia Hinano > Costume of Karasuba (Sekirei)

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Disciplinary Squad Uniform
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Costume worn at:
Animazement 2012
Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012
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About this Costume
Personal Thoughts:
OMG I WAS SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS COSTUME. I watched the series with my boyfriend, liked it A LOT, and he said he'd be Musubi so I decided I'd really like to do Karasuba because she is so cool!!!! And I don't think I can pull off Kuu-chan (my fave!), Tsukiumi, Matsu, or Kazehana soooo lol. Normally I don't go for cool characters because I'm a really goofy-looking person and I don't want to make the characters look idiotic, but for her I made an exception. I just like her THAT much. And I really like her overall design. I think it's the Gintama influence XD;

Since I had just made a kimono for Katsura (Gintama) before I started on this, I had a better idea about how to make the costume. I bought twill fabric which wasn't the fabric I initially had in mind but ended up picking for better value and quality. I came home and started working on it right away because I was SO excited and made a lot of it in one night. I had to make the kimono fitted to my body so that was kind of a challenge, but overall it went pretty smoothly. I used some thin white bias tape (leftover from when I made the day class uniform from Vampire Knight) for the white lines, and the purple at the bottom is leftover purple broadcloth from making the headband for Kurumu (Rosario + Vampire). So I saved a lot of money with this one lol. I really like the long sleeves in this costume!! Then I worked on the haori the week of the con so it was kinda rushed, but it turned out fine. Except I bought way too much fabric for this; I got like 2 yards extra because I was in a rush -_- sad. It's suiting fabric, and I was afraid it was gonna be way too slippery and heavy just to have over my shoulders, and that sorta proved to be true. Also, I didn't get to put any of the Sekirei symbols on my kimono or haori, but I hope to do that soon. The belts are some XXL belts I found at Target for a discount and so are the high heels, which were awful awful awful to wear!! >.< I already had the black thigh-highs. As for the wig, I scoured all over the internet to find a good wig for her and almost gave up and bought a white Miku wig when I ran into this one!! I had to buy the base and ponytail separately but luckily they were both available in the same colors and made it to my house on time!! I really love this wig and I'm happy my ponytail didn't slip off or make my head hurt!

Not too many people recognized our characters at the con, but I got some pretty good feedback, and some saying I pulled her off pretty well, which means A LOT to me!! I really love this costume and I feel like I've gotten a lot better at making cosplay just in this year, thanks to this cosplay. I'd love to wear it again soon!!
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