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Cosplayer lovelyy orange > Costume of San (Princess Mononoke)

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Princess Mononoke
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Anime Matsuri 2012 Hall Cosplay Contest Best Novice Cosplay
Costume worn at:
A-Kon 2012
A-Kon 2011
Anime Matsuri 2012
Anime Matsuri 2011
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Shoes: Bought them online & I added the leather straps around them. However, I don't really like the shoes so when I can afford to make or buy new shoes I sha'll (:

Dress & tan cover: Both are hand sewn. I cut the ends off of the cover to give it a warn out look & made sure the fabric wouldn't fray by using Fray Check haha! Though I'm not to happy with the fabric I chose for the dress - it's a bit stiff. Therefore I'd like to remake the dress as well in the future with more... flexible (?) fabric (:

Knife: Made out of wood. I got a cylinder dowel, cut out just enough room for the wooden blade to fit into the dowel & glued them together.

Earrings: Made using a baking clay called Sculpey. After baking them I hot glued clip on earrings clips to the them because I do not have my ears pierced.

Headband/Armbands: Both are made from headbands I bought at Wal-Mart. I wanted to get them in dark blue but Wal-Mart didn't have them.. so purple to match her dress it was! I measured my arms, cut the headband to fit my arms & sewed them together. The charms on the headband/armbands are all hot glued on.

Mask: I could not have made the mask if it were not for fellow cosplayer Thooluu. She has a great tutorial that I followed on how to make San's mask. It's located on her page here: http://www.cosplay.com/member/72126/

Ears: Made from shaping wire into the ear shape and connecting the wire to a base - I used a piece of wood. I covered it with paper mache, paper clay, sanded them down & then painted. After everything was dry I disconnected the ears from the wood, cut holes in the fur and fed the wire through the holes & connected the wire back into the wood. So yeah, when I wear the mask on my face the ears are a bit flimsy :(
That sounds confusing so what I basically did is on this youtube video here (the ear part starts at 2:58) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3u6r4b9qRKQ
It's actually a tutorial on how to make a werewolf mask but I had no idea how to make the ears so I improvised using their idea.

Fur/Toothneclace: NOW for the fur.. ohh the fur was the hardest part!
Bought the fur from fabric.com, its Faux Fur Russian Husky White/Black. Cutting the fur to the right shape was pretty darn hard, then I had to make sure the tail hung evenly. There are actually 2 layers of heavy, thick fur so it chokes my neck a bit (because the fur is attached the the tooth neclace). The tooth neclace is made out of Sculpey yet again & I bought beads to go inbetween them. I used a leather strap to connect the neclace to the fur. I cut holes in the fur, looped the leather through & made a couple knots in the leather to make sure it stayed. For extra reinforcement (since the fur is so heavy) I covered the knots in hot glue.

I finished this cosplay 1 day before the convention & didn't have enough time to fix the darn choking device. I don't really know it if it fixable because the fur/mask/neclace are one entire piece.

The mask is hot glued to the fur (on the top half of the mask). To keep the mask on my back I hot glued a hook on the inside of the mask and then sewed a clip into the fur to connect it. Therefore its pretty difficult to take the mask on & off unless I put it on my head haha

&&& finally! I used regular red face paint & my own home grown hair for this cosplay. I think thats it but if you have any questions just me know! (:
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