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Cosplayer Crystalike > Costume of Chun Li (Street Fighter IV)

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Street Fighter IV
Chun Li
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FanimeCon 2012
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
So my friend Tim asked me to cosplay Street Fighter with him a long time ago, and I didn't think I had the skills to make it until this year and gathered materials for it about a year in advance.

I knowingly chose to use a blue patterned brocade since I've been exploring the artistic side of cosplay more rather than going for complete accuracy, and I wanted to make a tribute to Chun Li, the strongest woman in the world. When I was about 5, I'd watch my cousins play Street Fighter II, and loved Chun Li's character and her cute poses, but it wasn't till I grew up a bit more that I appreciated her character more.

Enough rambling, onto the costume.

I bought gold pvc vinyl from ebay, about 3 yards.
Bought calf high white lace up boots, need to make extra padded parts for the top and hide the black lines.
Blue brocade with a dragon and phoenix pattern was bought from Fabrics R Us in downtown San Jose.
The wig with attached buns was bought from Taobao through help of a friend.
The contacts are the Bambi Queen Chocolate Brown.
White brocade was bought from Joanns.
Interfacing was used for the waistband, and blue fabric paint used for the dragon detail.
The bracers are made of foam, craft foam, hot glue, black decal vinyl, and 14 cake icing tips that I hot glued on.

Honestly this was a hard costume that required a lot of thinking and a ton of reference images. I made a whole folder devoted just to the work in progress for this costume. I had to make some crazy underwear for this costume, and decided to make it out of the same dragon/phoenix brocade hahaha! Brocade frays like a beeyotch, btw.

I'm a little disappointed with how I applied some of the gold detail, it was a mix of heat n bond for some parts, then just fabric glue, then tacky glue, then hot glue. X_X But overall the look of the costume is really striking and I love the makeup for Chun Li, even though I have to draw my eyebrows in super angry, hahaha.

Thanks to State_Alchemist for helping me finish the cuffs with decal vinyl, and thanks to Chiyann for helping me buy the wig :D

Next time I wear it i need to style the bangs better, not get control top tights, fix up the shoes, and be more confident.
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