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Minimum Price: $200

Also accepting best offer. Shipping for this costume might be alot as it is big and has a lot of parts. Hikaru includes: Dress, Cape, Boots, wig, Head tiara, shoulder and chest armor, gloves, all resin gems. Does not include: Sword (I have it but it would be extremely difficult to ship). Dress and armor will fit 36-29-36 best. The dress is made of velvet, satin, and vinyl, so it does have some stretch in it, but I would not got more than two or three inches over these measurements for best fit. The red gem on the dress is removable with safety pin. The chest armor is vinyl covered wonderflex (as is the shoulder armor), and it ties on the sides for best fit so TECHNICALLY it's free-fit. The gold piece on the center of the chest armor has started to come unglued, and can be easily fixed by more glue, and the red gem is removable. There is a pocket inside where you could put one of the floral LEDS and then the center gem would light up. Shoulder armor fits into the chest armor with snaps. Cape attaches to everything with snaps, is made of satin, is lined, has an inner pocket, and is approx. 3 feet long. Headpiece is also vinyl covered wonderflex and some of the gold paint has started to chip off and two of the little ends are slightly bent. Some heat reinforcement and paint will fix this. I also have added faux bangs to the headpiece because of the way it sat on my wig via headband, but they can be removed. The boots are pleather with wonderflex and vinyl added and gems added to that. They are a size 7 1/2. The gloves are probably the MOST destroyed of the costume. They're plain satin gloves, but the fingers are pretty fuzzy now. It has a removable wrist band with the attached gem. The gem ALSO is wired for lighting but the wire has been disconnected and would need to be re-soldered, but all the connections are still there.

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Magic Knight Rayearth
Hikaru Shidou
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Final Armor
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Construction Difficulty:
Costume worn at:
Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012
Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011
MechaCon 2011
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Least Favorite Aspect: Her chest armor. Everyone else in the group likes it a lot, and I'm not really sure why I DON'T like it. Haha. I guess I'm really hard on myself because it's MY costume. I would definitely prefer to not have stitched it several times at the top, but the top had that collar on it, so the vinyl wouldn't stretch over the wonderflex properly without having pieces added to it. >;/

Easiest Task: Making her dress, despite having difficulties getting the colors to line up on both sides and having no back view of her dress anywhere. It probably took the longest to make, but was over all, the least stress inducing. Made of black velvet and gold and white vinyl.

Hardest Task: To me, it seemed like everything on Hikaru was hard. She has little tiny details here and there that we kept skipping over, or the colors on the dress wouldn't line up evenly on both sides. We couldn't get the eyes for the sword cast because of their odd shape. >:/ Things like this.
Personal Thoughts:
I love CLAMP, and I don't even remember what happened anymore to make us want to do this because the inconsistencies in CLAMP's work as far as details go always drive us nuts, but I guess we were looking for something for the three of us to make together for our new cosplay group that was debuting this year, and Sam, Hailey, and I came up with this.

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